Do you offer planting/repotting services?

We love helping to find the perfect plant + planter combo, and we'll put them together for no charge. Sometimes this means repotting with additional soil, and sometimes it's better to drop the plastic nursery pot into the decorative pot to maintain drainage. We'll even add a little preserved moss around your plant, if you'd like!

Unfortunately, we can't allow your plants or pots in our shop to be repotted. It's a liability for you (what if we hurt your plant?), and it's a liability for us (what if your plant has spider mites that spread to plants in our shop?).


Do you offer plant/interior design services?

We'd love to! Take photos and measurements of your space so we can assist you in our shop (you get Eric's plant expertise and Patrick's designer eye)! For plant-related guidance, note the lighting conditions throughout the day and direction that your windows face (north, south, east, or west).

Unfortunately, we're too lean of an operation to offer in-home consultations, but we're happy to recommend a local full-service interior designer.


Are you dog friendly?

Of course! But your dog must be well-behaved and remain on leash. Be considerate of wagging tails that can damage delicate plants.


Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! You can purchase a physical gift card in-person or an online gift card here.