Jasmine Tree
Jasmine Tree

Jasmine Tree

LIGHT: Bright indirect light to direct sun. 

WATER: Water regularly - weekly, or more often in extreme heat or containers.

INDOORS OR OUTDOORS? A great patio/container plant! Can also be kept in a sunny indoor location year round. When growing outdoors, be mindful that some jasmine varieties can tolerate colder temperatures than others.

HEADS UP! Nursery pot sizes are “nominal” diameter measurements (measurements are approximate and will vary slightly). "Standards" are groomed to have a bushy head at the top of a single trunk. For reference, 10" varieties are 40-50" tall.

I BLOOM! Amount of blooms on plant will fluctuate depending on time of year and amount of light it receives. Flowers commonly appear when plant receives more light in spring/summer.

Due to the nature of nature, every plant is unique. You likely won't receive the exact plant pictured, but your plant will come from the same batch delivered from the same grower and with our promise that it’s the healthiest and best available.