World's Smallest Prayer Plant (Pixie)
World's Smallest Prayer Plant (Pixie)

World's Smallest Prayer Plant (Pixie)

AKA Mini Prayer Plant, "Gay Feather" Calathea, or Mini Maranta

Calathea and maranta belong to a group of plants that lower their leaves during the day and raise them at night, earning them the nickname "Prayer Plant."

This is the smallest variety of prayer plants, earning it a very big mini reputation!

LIGHT: Medium to bright indirect light. Avoid intense, direct sun.

WATER: Water immediately when soil becomes dry to the touch, around once a week. Prefers consistent moisture and humidity (avoid allowing soil to dry out completely but avoid soggy conditions). Their leaves can sometimes "burn" after too much chlorine and fluoride build up in the soil. If you have municipal water, consider watering your prayer plants with distilled, filtered, or rain water instead of from the tap. 

INDOORS OR OUTDOORS? Great to keep indoors year round or bring outside when overnight temps are above 40 F degrees.

HEADS UP! Nursery pot sizes are “nominal” diameter measurements (measurements are approximate and will vary slightly). Due to the nature of nature, every plant is unique. You likely won't receive the exact plant pictured, but your plant will come from the same batch delivered from the same grower and with our promise that it’s the healthiest and best available.